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Hi everyone!! These have been the most stressful few months / weeks we have been through, for all ages and walks of life. Nobody has escaped the fear of it all, or the stresses it has caused. I have realized through speaking to my clients, that it has changed peoples moods and family/home life, and not for the better. Now I do not want to dwell any more on Covid19 and along with it the badness and sadness in the world. It is not good for our mental, emotional, or physical health. So I decided that instead of letting that get the better of us, I would investigate the opposite ! I would find the GOOD, the things that we CAN control, the things that can lift our moods and give us a reason and purpose to live! I have gathered information on what is likely to do just that! Here are some of the top ideas.

  • Pick out 3 things that you are grateful for and you are lucky to have. Some examples are a home, food, your family, friends, your children, parents, siblings, or even something as simple and unthought of as the duvet cover that you pull over yourself at night. Some people genuinely don’t have these luxuries- you are so lucky to have it. Remind yourself how grateful you are for these.

  • Read a book! Studies have shown that reading for even a short while of 30 minutes every day can take your focus and brain from negativity and improve your mood almost fully- once you choose your book or iBook correctly. Pick one that you like- comedy, adventure, romance…. Give it a go !

  • Exercise – studies have shown that just 20 minutes of any form of exercise a day is sufficient enough to release endorphins & happy hormones and have a massive impact on your mood! So a quick walk around the block or even around your garden if big enough will work wonders for us!

  • Remind yourself of just ONE thing you like about yourself. Ask yourself what you like about you. Are you kind? A good friend? Sister? Brother? Son? Daughter? Listener? What are you good at? Your job? Talking to people? Swimming? Cooking? And when you find that one thing, admit to yourself that it is a good thing about you and you like it!
  • Upbeat music- put in those headphones or the radio and take just 15 minutes to yourself to play upbeat, happy music- songs that remind you of happy times and make you want to dance like nobody is watching!
  • Laugh ! Watch a comedy on the telly or ring that friend who is always giving you a good laugh! Laughing is good for the soul and lifts your mood massively!

There are so many other things and ways that I could write here, and each to their own on the various ways, there are solutions and a way for everyone. But what I have concluded and realized is that there are so many ways we can lift our moods and spirits, and the shocking thing is that all it takes is literally giving 30 minutes a day TO OURSELVES to overcome it. And it works! Things can seem brighter and not so bad if you can do just one of these things a day. And we ALL deserve to give ourselves at least that 30 minutes a day. Try this out & let me know if it helps or doesn’t help- I would love to know! Thanks Everyone!!

Lots of Love!!
Denise xxx